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December came very fast! Did you also realize it?

And when we say December, it can be two things…”cold and warm?” – “the end and the beginning?”

Cold…really I mean literally it’s the weather.  The cold air and the snow that the winter brings might get us down or cheer us up! But still, something felt so warm…maybe because of the holiday season? Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Bodhi Day, Summer Solstice and Christmas.  As for whatever we believe in, this is the month when we are extra generous, a little kinder, and seriously happier.  We can say it’s not because of the weather nor the celebration but the spirit we feel within!

As an educator, this is also the month that can be confusing or overwhelming for you! Similar to special education, we believe that “no one should be left behind!” Different holidays also mean a celebration of different religious belief, culture, and tradition. How can you make it so that everyone is acknowledged without offending anybody? We came across this terrific article below that will give you strategies to address the December Dilemma.

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The end…not for this article yet! But December also reminds us that this year is finally ending, right? Whether we are looking forward or not, anticipating or not, it’s happening without any warning! What matters the most, I think is, how are we going to end it?

The beginning…we always end up something with the beginning in mind.  How many days are left before we welcome 2019? Only a few! Exciting? Frightening? Can be both or whatever! But isn’t it worth reflecting on how things went and how it’s going to be?

We are not affiliated with bloggers or organizations mentioned in this article.  However, we want to help spread the joy of the holiday season.  Along with the decors, carols, and snowman, too, may you find comfort, peace, love, and hope in this joyous time of the year!