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Fun Activities for Therapy

Occupational Therapists have their own clever ways to incorporate fun activities into therapy sessions.  Kids (and kids at heart) love to play! The moment they hear, “Let’s play a game!” Those sparkling eyes and big smiles are their reactions, you simply caught their attention, and voila you got a “YES, I’m in!” for an answer.

Kids are tireless when it comes to playing a game.  And as an occupational therapist, we know that you love seeing those kids having fun while learning.  So we like to share with you a collection of totally engaging, movement encouraging, and pure fun activity ideas.  We are not affiliated to any of these amazing OT bloggers but we thought they wrote wonderful activity ideas you can use in your next therapy session.


  1. Tic-Tac-Toe (Noughts & Crosses)

Fun Activities


Cheryl Crow of theenthusiasticlife answered Why and How Do Pediatric Occupational Therapists Play Games?

It’s very interesting how she articulately explains how a simple game like “tic-tac-toe” can be used to work on a multitude of important skills.  After reading, you’ll surely realize that the amazing transformations of this game can hone a hefty number of skills like fine motor, visual motor and pre-handwriting, handwriting, gross motor and strengthening, and social executive functioning.




  1. It’s all about the Tongs!

Fun Activities




Christie of mamaot shared not just 10 nor 20 but 50 Clever Ways to Play with Tongs for Fine Motor Development.

Many of these are ideas she has used and others are the wonderful ideas of those who work with kids and have blogged about it – therapists, parents, teachers, daycare providers, and more!







  1. Simple yet fun and therapeutic activities


Fun Activities


Mindy of therapystreetforkids has a lot of simple yet therapeutic activities for 16 different skills.  Because the materials and games are so much fun to play, the children won’t even realize it is therapy!







  1. Gross Motor Activity Ideas


Fun Activities


It is SO important to incorporate movement activities for kids during the school day for Kim of preferredtherapytoys. So she shared her favorite Gross Motor Activities that her students love and enjoy playing.  From tunnel to yoga and twister, it’s all fun and encourages movement!





  1. Fun Games to Practice Self-Regulation (No Equipment Needed!)


Fun Activities


If you’re running out of time preparing for equipment, yourtherapysource summarizes those classic fun games that will practice self-regulation.  I’m sure you are familiar with these activities.





Here is an interesting article from blueorangegames about Occupational Therapy for Kids and the Role of Game Play.  Neal Carlson, a school-based occupational therapist, explains why he loves games in therapy sessions.