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Kodi Lee, Blind Singer with Autism, is the Winner of AGT 2019

Two months ago we shared with you a phenomenal audition from America’s Got Talent. If you can still remember, his name was Kodi Lee, a blind singer with autism. His touching performance made the judges teary-eyed while viewers at home stood-up and cheered.

Fast forward to today, just as we welcome the fall, the finals have arrived. If you happen to miss it, we are glad to tell you that, YES, he did it! He won America’s Got Talent 2019. Could it be his charm, his talent, or maybe both? He is exceptional. He has a knack to connect with people in his own way. He could bring us to another world by just watching him perform. A world where there could be no judgment but amazement, no limitations nor disability but genuine talent.

You could find Kodi Lee’s AGT journey here.

Kodi Lee Is the Winner of ‘America’s Got Talent’ 2019 and People Are LOSING It

We are not affiliated with any blogger or organization in this article. We only want to send you good vibes and some dose of inspiration. At times your work as an educator or therapist can be challenging or maybe stressful. Please be reminded that for every success story, like Kodie Lee, are your tireless efforts and selfless acts to make one’s dream a reality. Thank you for changing the life of every child with special needs that you encounter!