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Virtual Special Olympics Brings Smiles To Students’ Faces

virtual special olympics medals

The COVID-19 era has undeniably restructured education for everyone, especially students with disabilities. According to parents and educators, the lack of peer interaction has negatively impacted some students with disabilities while allowing others to thrive in the digital classroom.

It is a known fact that Special Olympics has been one of the many activities or events that encouraging special education students to interact among themselves. However, is it still possible to happen during the global pandemic where some schools have transitioned to entirely virtual learning while others into a hybrid? We came across this inspiring story from disabilityscoop.com titled

Virtual Special Olympics Brings Smiles To Students’ Faces

“We made it really accessible to a wide range,” Sivils said. “We had our kids who are announcers — who are the kids who have more talking skills — they’re able to read the scripts. Then, we have kids who can’t even walk, and they were able to still participate … One of the things I love about working with (these) kids is that they’ve never known anything different for the most part. Their joy and their enthusiasm is just boundless.”

We are not affiliated with any organization, author, or blogger mentioned in the article. We just admire how the collective effort and hard work of each staff, educator, and therapist paid-off – we thought they are worth sharing!