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Travel Speech Therapy Jobs

Travel SLP Jobs

Work as a Travel Speech Language Pathology Therapist

If you want to combine your work as a speech language pathologist with your love of travel, then working as a traveling speech language pathologist can be a rewarding experience. When you take advantage of Therapy Travelers’ network of travel speech therapy jobs, you can make this dream a reality. Our network of SLP travel jobs can help you find the best temporary or semi-permanent position anywhere in the country to fit your skills and needs.

At Therapy Travelers, we have a reputation for attracting, empowering, and retaining the finest therapists available. This esteemed reputation is just as accurate for our travel therapists. If traveling speech therapist has been a dream of yours, you can accomplish it and succeed with Epic Special Education Staffing. Search our Travel SLP jobs today to find the right position for you.


SLP Travel Jobs

Travel slp jobs generally divide up into three groups, depending on the work setting. These categories are clinical settings, school settings, and Tele slp.

No matter which setting you choose to work in, Epic Special Education Staffing will keep up our end of the promise we make all of our therapists:

  • Rewarding job satisfaction
  • Top-of-market compensation and benefits
  • A steady pipeline of travel assignments

We provide flexible staffing solutions to fit your needs and preferences. Plus, the job security we provide allows you to focus on creating optimal outcomes for your clients instead of always worrying about looking for your next job.

travel speech language pathology jobs
Clinical Setting

We have a nationwide network of SLP clinics. No matter what part of the country you want to work in, there’s a good chance we know a clinic looking for a talented Speech Language Pathologist just like you.

Therapy Travelers is an excellent choice for continuing your clinical career while also exploring new destinations. Search our network of clinical pathologist jobs to find a position alongside the best psychologists and therapists around the country.

School Setting

We are just as dedicated as you to providing the highest quality SLPs to public and private schools across America. We have a division of Therapy Travelers devoted to traveling school therapy jobs.

If working with talented school psychologists and special education teachers all over the country sounds like the right job for you, learn more by searching our network of school therapy jobs.

Tele Jobs

Take travel speech language pathology to the next level with Tele SLP jobs. Lots of traveler careers can be remote and on-the-go via computers and tablets. Speech Language Pathology is no different.

At Therapy Travelers, we are proud to be on the cutting edge of travel therapy technology. Tele slp jobs allow for patients with no local access to get the speech language pathology services they need. You can help improve the lives of people all over the country from the comfort of your own home.

Clinical Fellowships

If you still need to finish a clinical fellowship before searching for a job, Epic Special Education Staffing has you covered. Many of the clinics we partner with nationwide specialize in providing clinical fellowship opportunities to recent SLP graduates.

We also have a dedicated team of allied travel professionals to provide support and mentoring during your fellowship to guarantee your success.

What Do Speech Language Pathologists Earn?

SLP Salary Estimates

In 2015, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) carried out a survey that gave detailed information on median annual salaries for SLPs. Here’s a breakdown of the figures:

  • $70,000 – average salary for clinical service providers
  • $75,000 – average salary for a Speech Pathologist
  • $77,000 – average salary for a Speech Pathologist with their own practice
  • $90,000+ – average salary for clinic supervisors and administrators

  • Differences Across Facility Types

    The ASHA survey also pointed out that the type of facility you work in affects your pay. For people who worked in office settings and outpatient clinics, they reported an average salary of below $70,000. Those working in skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) reported earnings of closer to $90,000. The survey also indicated that employees in VA hospitals made earnings similar to pathologists working in SNFs. Here at Therapy Travelers, we make sure that many of the travel job positions offered through our network are in higher-paying healthcare facilities.


    According to the ASHA survey, almost as important as the type of facility is the location of your job. In general, speech pathologists made more money when working in rural areas as compared to urban locations. Although earnings are higher in rural areas, it can be hard to staff these facilities with enough workers. That’s where Therapy Travelers can help. We fulfill empty positions in rural facilities with our travel SLPs. Our program entails that you will be making your highest possible earnings while fulfilling your travel dreams.

    Experience Equals Higher Pay

    As in most fields, the experience is one of the most important factors when it comes to determining pay. According to the survey, SLPs who have been working for under four years make around $60,000. On the other end, those who have been in the field for over 15 years average $90,000 a year.

    Why Speech Language Pathologists Choose Epic Special Education Staffing

    If you are considering travel speech language pathologist jobs, there is no better choice than Therapy Travelers to find the right job for you. Here are the top reasons why SLPs choose us over the competition.


    More Money

    In most cases, you can make up to 20% more in earnings as a traveling SLP compared to non-traveling positions. Travel SLP jobs through Epic Special Education Staffing means a support system the entire time.  We also help you with moving and getting the licenses you need for the state where you work.

    More Flexibility

    When you work as a traveling SLP, you enjoy maximum flexibility in your career. You can choose where and how long you want to work.

    A wide range of positions is available, from filling in short-term for someone else to semi-permanent posts. Plus, the extra income you make by working as a traveling SLP means you can take off more time.

    SLP travel jobs mean that as soon as you’re ready to work again, the vast network of jobs available through Epic Special Education Staffing will get you hired again.

    An Exciting Lifestyle

    One of the best perks of working in a travel position (be it travel therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapist, etc) is that you can live in your ideal climate of choice. Are you a fan of snowy winters? Choose a job in New England to enjoy a white Christmas and go skiing on your off days. Or, maybe you can’t stand cold weather. Then work in Florida or southern California and enjoy all the sunshine and beach days you want.

    Our extensive network of healthcare staffing jobs means that you can live wherever you want while still advancing your career.

    Travel SLP Premium Benefits

    Some people are hesitant to work in travel positions because of job security. Here at Therapy Travelers, we work hard to ensure travel slp jobs are just as secure as traditional non-traveling jobs.

    Not only do we have a nationwide medical staffing network that offers a steady pipeline of opportunities, but we also offer a wide range of premium benefits to the workers in our system. Because we directly employ our therapists, we can offer top salaries and provide comprehensive benefits, including:

    • Healthcare
    • Savings plans
    • Continuing education
    • Paid vacation
    • Sick leave

    We offer cross country opportunities with slp travel jobs ranging in salary all across America.  Being a travel SLP means that you have the benefits of not being locked into one place forever, but you have the flexibility and support to empower others and yourself!  Speech therapists and speech language pathologists o(r technologist) seem to have the power to do anything.   Our staffing agency is here to help you as you develop your medical and clinical skills on local and travel assignments.  

    Finding the Right Travel Therapy Job for You