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5 Ways to Remotely Support Students with Dyslexia

It’s almost a year since our educators have worked hard to support our special education students remotely. They can all tell different stories of challenges and victories! During these unprecedented times, the most admirable moment we witnessed is the educators’ synergy to provide the best possible solutions to the status quo.

Dyslexia, for example, is one of the disabilities under “specific learning disabilities” that may have difficulties during remote learning sessions.

“Some students have found that their support services, such as one-on-one or small-group reading sessions, have been disrupted by the need for social distancing. Others may be straining to understand what their masked teachers are saying in class. Others remain physically separated from the teachers that help them overcome the challenges presented by Dyslexia, which is marked by readers’ struggles with recognizing and decoding words.” – Corey Mitchell

Do you work or know someone who works with students with Dyslexia? We came across this article from edweek.org, where they interviewed four experts to determine what advice they have for educators and parents working with students with Dyslexia.

“5 Ways to Remotely Support Students with Dyslexia”

We are not affiliated with bloggers, educators, or organizations mentioned in this article. We want to share this with you in case you might need additional ideas on how to best support your students.