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Better Hearing and Speech Month

May is the month when everyone is busy spreading awareness about communication disorders, research as well as technologies that improve communication skills, and role of SLP’s, SLPA’s and audiologists.

We also want to do all of that, but more importantly, we want to highlight the ones responsible for providing better hearing and speech – our amazing SLP’s, SLPA’s and audiologists.

This year’s theme is “Communication for All.”

Wikipedia defined communication as the act of conveying intended meanings from one entity or group to another through the use of mutually understood signs and semiotic rules.  It is from Latin commūnicāre, meaning “to share.”

One of the best feelings in the world is having to express yourself clearly so people can understand you.  And nothing beats a good conversation, through whatever means, with the people you love.  Yes, we communicate every minute for whatever reasons.  Can you imagine how hard it can be to kids or even adults who have difficulties in speech and hearing? But it is the SLP’s, slpa‘s and/or audiologists that changed their lives forever!

Our speech-language pathologists might be one of the busiest yet productive in an organization.  Apparently, they know when each phoneme (speech sound) develops in children, they have the best diadochokinetic rate in town, they are creative, they write top-notch, thorough reports—and they do so with clients and caregivers in mind, and they advocate for their clients and families.  Those are just some of the examples of so many great things they do!

(For more about these great things they do, please read “10 Great Reasons to High-Five an SLP this Better Hearing and Speech Month”)

However, no matter how passionate or loving they are to their profession and everything they do, “STRESS” always comes their way at the height of all the commitments, deadlines, and reports.  And in this month’s celebration, we want to take this opportunity to remind them to ALSO take care of themselves as much as they take care of their patients.

Here, Felice of the dabblingspeechie, explained the “Chronic Stress on the SLP and how it can affect you?”

Better Hearing and Speech Month


Do you experience any of these? Aside from the advice she shared in fighting stress; these tips can also help you reduce chronic stress and get back your passion to the work you do and to the kids that you love!

9 Tips for Fighting Burnout for Speech-Language Pathologists

  1. Make a Memory Board
  2. Take Data Less Often
  3. Break Up Those Crazy Groups!
  4. Make Home Communication Easier
  5. Get Help with Lesson Planning
  6. Get Help with your Tough Cases
  7. Use Text Expanders for Reports and Notes
  8. Tidy Your Room/Closet Every Morning for a Clearer Mind
  9. Create a WIN Jar

Visit full article here: 9 Tips for Fighting Burnout for Speech-Language Pathologists originally posted on speechandlanguagekids.

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Because you’re already here and we want to free you up from the stress of researching ways to celebrate Better Hearing and Speech month.  We compile some of the best resources for you to check!

We are not affiliated with any organization and bloggers mentioned in this article.  But we want to celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month by not just spreading awareness but also reminding our SLP’s and slpa‘s to take care of themselves.  We know that they put others above themselves.  And this is the least thing that we can do for them.  Communication for all is possible because of their sacrifices and selflessness.  Their dedication and passion are beyond compare, and they are more than worthy of any recognition.  Thank you to our SLP’s and slpa‘s for making the world of our children and even adult with communication difficulties a better place to live, our world needs more people like you!