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Five Tips to Decrease Attention Seeking Behavior

The first month of the year is ending so quickly. As we approach the month of February, the weather is getting colder each day. Do you also feel like the people around you, or maybe including you, are a bit emotional during this winter season? We wake up one morning feeling energetic then the next day we are moody and feeling down? Is it safe to say that we could perhaps blame it on the cold weather and, to some other states, the snow?

Students who show attention-seeking behavior in the classroom might increase significantly, too. Making noises, singing, tapping, talking, and calling out to name a few. Yes, we understand that every class has them. The thing is, what can you do to decrease attention-seeking behavior? We want to share these 5 tips written by Michaela, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, for autismadventures.com.

Five Tips to Decrease Attention Seeking Behavior

We are not affiliated with any organization or blogger mentioned in the article. We just want to spread tips you could use while cheering you up in this very cold weather! We hope you spend the rest of the winter season feeling positive and happy!