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How to Choose a Contract Therapy Staffing Company that fits you!

As a speech or occupational therapist, you have a variety of career opportunities in multiple settings such as Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Home Healthcare, Clinics and Schools. As you zero in on the position that best meets your needs, working with the right contract staffing company is a key strategic step. The right company becomes your partner as you take your professional status to a new level, grow as a specialist, and find the right work environment and schedule for your individual needs.

Ask the Right Questions
When researching contract staffing companies, here are some questions to ask. When you’re satisfied with the answers, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice:

•What is their experience level in the therapy staffing setting of your choice?
•Do they offer CFY positions?
•Do they offer Educational Reimbursement
•Are they advocates for the therapists?
•What do their benefits look like? 401K? Full Med
•How is their customer support?
•Does the company have compelling cities with job opportunities available?
•What is the retention rate of therapists year after year

Red Flags to Avoid
If the responses and incentives presented by a staffing company seem too good to be true, they probably are. Be skeptical of companies who:
•Pressure you to sign a contract too quickly
•Guarantee a perfect placement
•Don’t respond quickly to emails or phone calls

The right staffing company for you is the one you feel is the best “fit” and which shares your enthusiasm, core values, professionalism, therapy industry knowledge, and drive for success. They will partner with you to take your career to the next step – and beyond