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Travel Therapy

By: Julia Kuhn, MS CCC-SLP

Blogger at https://www.thetravelingtraveler.com/ and on Instagram at: https://instagram.com/thetravelingtraveler_/

Being a traveling therapist has taken me to some beautiful places where I’ve had amazing adventures. It has also advanced my clinical career in ways that would have never been possible if I stayed put in one place. Here are some ways travel therapy can help you clinically.

Travel Therapy

Teaches You New Skills

Every school, SNF, or clinic does something differently. There are so many opportunities to learn in your assignments,whether you are working in a whole new setting, or treating a new patient population. The diversity of different patients, settings, and treatments can enhance your skills in ways that staying in one place could never do. In a one-year span of time, I worked at a community hospital, a level one trauma center, and a specialized brain injury unit. Being a traveler forces you to be outside of your comfort zone and to learn new skills.

Travel Therapy

Gives You Confidence

Moving across the country, walking into a new building, and starting a new caseload is not easy. However, when you do it, it shows you just how capable you truly are. Being a traveling therapist can help to boost any therapist’s confidence. When I started to travel, I had total imposter syndrome and did not think of myself as a confident slp. After nearly 10 years of travel, I’m super confident in my skills and ability to help patients.

Travel Therapy

Enhances Cultural Competence

Our country is filled with so many unique cultures and people. By working in different locations across the country, you are also immersing yourself in the culture. You will learn the norms, customs, and etiquette of different cultures from across the US. This diversity can help you be a more well-rounded clinician and to consider cultural implications when working with patients.

Traveling as a therapist can be a great way to enhance your clinical skills and career while traveling the country. It is a great way to expand your skills, confidence, and competence as a clinician!

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