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Travel SLP

I’m Kristin Weingart, a Travel Speech Language Pathologist.  You mean like the one that goes from school to school?  No state to state.  Did you know that that’s an option for you?  When I was a new grad I really only heard of a few routes to go into: schools, hospitals, Nursing homes, or private practice.  I never really heard much about traveling for speech language pathology.  Honestly, looking back, my husband and I can’t pinpoint the source of who told us about travel… but, we knew that we didn’t know where we wanted to settle down.  Spoiler alert: we still don’t.  When we take on new contracts in different states, we are able to really explore and learn about the areas we visit, while I also build up experiences in different settings.

Let’s face it when you visit a place for just a week to see if you like it or not you still have that “honeymoon” effect.  You’re there and not in your typical routine so you’re bound to elevate your opinions of it more. However, when you’re contracted and able to be in a location for consecutive months you’re able to determine how you’d really see yourself there.  Things like the cost of living, environment, places to explore, and scenery really becomes apparent.

We are still fairly new into the journey and are on our second, soon to be third placement.  We’ve been to Oregon, are now in Texas, and are looking at South Carolina or Florida for our next adventure.  If you’re someone who doesn’t like to stay in one place, doesn’t mind moving, likes to live simply, doesn’t mind being the new person and enjoys sight-seeing this is for you!  Be careful not to get hung up in the what ifs or concerns.  Worried about needing furnished housing?  My husband and I have pop up tables, an inflatable mattress, and an inflatable couch.  Let’s just say travel is absolutely all about what YOU make of it.  If you’re curious about learning more I’d like to invite you to follow along with my adventures as a travel SLP over @communicationcottage and check out our travel blog at wanderingweingarts.com  We are always open to questions if you are wanting to hear from us directly or feel free to seek out a Therapy Travelers Recruiter to start your experience.  Don’t endure life, LIVE IT!


Kristin Weingart, MS CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist


Travel SLP