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Beanbags, pillows, wobbly chairs, boundary chairs, yoga balls, hokki stools, and pedal desks…  They all sounded like fun, comfy, cozy, and familiar, aren’t they?

We usually found them in coffee shops, sometimes in our bedrooms, or perhaps in our living room.  This leads me to ask you, why do you keep on coming to coffee shops? Probably because of the coffee and not to mention its aroma! Hmm… But why do we stay for long to do our own businesses? Maybe some of you may answer, it’s the ambiance, the lightings, the coziness, and comfortable chairs.  You get to choose where to sit where you can feel at ease – that possibly resulted in meaningful conversations, peace of mind and a clear mind to accomplish school, business or work-related tasks.

They said that 21st-century classrooms may remind you of “Starbucks!” Well, for some of you who are familiar and do “Flexible Seating” in the classroom, I guess you will agree! The idea is to create a more comfortable environment that helps students be their best learning selves.  Studies have shown that students focus more on instruction when they have opportunities to move and sit in a position that is comfortable for them.

Teachers of special education who tried it, say they will never go back and that it’s the best decision that they ever made! In case you’re wondering what flexible seating is all about, what the research and teachers have to say, or you want some inspirations, keep reading!


So what exactly is a “Flexible Seating?” These articles back up with research from educators will help you.

What about the benefits of “Flexible Seating?”

You might probably be thinking, “How to start a flexible seating?”

Got more questions? Here are some FAQs about “Flexible Seating”

Are you now sold and want some inspirations?

16 Awesome Flexible-Seating Classrooms That’ll Blow Your Teacher Mind by boredteachers


We are not affiliated with any organization mentioned in this article but we thought that sharing this will give you an option to consider to unleash the best in you and your students.  In this ever-changing world where everything is evolving and innovating for the better, it always pays to try something new.  And in special education what a great accomplishment it can be to see them learning and enjoying at the same time! That’s absolutely one thing to look forward to every day after a cup of coffee.