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New Year’s Resolutions: To Do or Not To Do it?

The year 2019 is ending like the speed of light and the world is excited to welcome 2020. Once again, the ball will drop, fireworks will pop, and the champagne will be toasted. We will spend midnight with our friends, loved ones, and family. We are feeling so enthusiastic to start something new or work towards being better than we were in the new year. That’s were the yearly creation of the “New Year’s Resolution” comes to play. While the majority of us are starting to define our goals, some, on the other hand, are contemplating! We have our very own reasons to do or not to do it, whatever they may be, they are valid.

As an educator yourself, what is your stance regarding New Year’s Resolutions? Do you take the time to pause, reflect upon yourself, and start writing goals? We found this interesting article about New Year’s Resolution from edutopia.org written by Elena Aguilar.

You can find them here: New Year’s Resolutions: Don’t Do It!

We are not affiliated with any organizations or bloggers mentioned in this article. As you bid farewell to the year 2019, we want to share this article with you in case you don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions and might be looking for some alternatives that would work for you. We wish that the year 2020 brings you peace, comfort, and joy!


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