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It’s time for winter break! Are you excited about your holiday plans? Whether it’s a vacation to a special place or just a cozy stay in your own hometown, this is the time of year that we deserve to temporarily stop everything that we do to enjoy the moment and festivities.

It’s a nice feeling talking about all the good the holiday season brings, right? Yes, until reality hits us! Vacation in special education could also be the reason for regression and learning loss among our students. We understand that no matter what you do or wherever you are, one of your priorities is your students! We came across this article from verywellfamily.com written by Ann Logsdon entitled “Regression and Learning Loss During School Breaks.” We thought you might want to click and read to prevent or find a simple remedy for regression.

We are not affiliated with any organization or blogger mentioned in this article. We want to share this with you, in case, you are also thinking about regression and learning loss. We hope that you would enjoy celebrating the holiday season as much as how you planned it. Happy Holidays! ????