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Setting the Foundation for Successful Speech Time

happy speech therapist working with student

Cards and puffs, boards and bags, they’re all incredible tools for speech time. But beneath all of that, a foundation of organization, behavior, and planning keeps speech time running smoothly, so that you can focus on being the creative, goal-mastering SLP you are! Here are some top tips to set you up with a foundation of success: 


Show your joy

Moods are contagious. If we’re happy to be with our students, greeting them with a smile and showing interest in them, they will feel that. Let them know you’re exactly where you want to be and they’re more likely to feel at ease and appreciated. 


Make it fun!

Mary Poppins said it best: “for every job that must be done there is an element of fun.” Whenever possible take your lesson or instructions and make them fun. Turn them into a game of speed, or have them complete something as their favorite animal. Keeping fun on the forefront will hold interest and increase success. 


Demonstrate expectations

Never assume that your students know what you’re expecting of them. Whether it’s playing a game, completing an activity, or walking in a group through the school, you never know if/how a student has learned something previously. Be sure to demonstrate what you’d like to see for them. 


Know what you need and have it ready

Nothing disrupts a good flow like digging for the right file, or searching for “that one” activity. To a student, that means one thing…free time! That’s time to look around, find something else that’s interesting and become disengaged from speech time. By having a seamless flow in your time together, you’re more likely to hold your students’ attention, and make greater strides in their progress. 



At Epic Special Education Staffing “Recognition” of work done with excellence is a core value we put into action every single day. If your student is behaving well, being kind, or working hard, give them recognition. Bonus if you can recognize them in a form they can see and show others. It may be a sticker, a mark on the board, or a gift on their desk. By rewarding their behavior, they can feel proud of themselves and gain positive attention from others. 


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