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slps and covid19

We are anticipating the schools opening this fall. While the thought of it makes us quite excited, there are some adjustments that we might end up doing as part of our new normal. One of which is wearing a mask.

This could be a bit challenging for our slp‘s. Jenna Rayburn Kirk of thespeechroomnews.com has said, “The CDC continues to share the knowledge that direct contact with droplets is how COVID-19 is shared. SLPs are going to be required to avoid direct contact with air droplets from talking while working up close and personal with children and that seems impossible for a specialty that focuses part of our work specifically in their mouths for speech sound production.”

In this article, Jenna has shared what kind of mask you can use and how you can stop it from fogging.

How to stop a clear mask from fogging. SLPs and COVID-19

We are not affiliated with Jenna or thespeechroomnews.com, but we thought that she shared relevant content that can help our SLP’s during these unprecedented times. There is no doubt that some things that we are going to do this coming school year are different from the practices we are used to. However, no matter how complex the process may be, teaching as well as learning should not stop! So, while we are passionately doing the profession that we love, we should also make a conscious effort to protect ourselves and our students to stay safe and healthy!