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Special Education Teacher Starts Each Day with Compliments

“Compliments and affirmation can go a long way!” This is what Special Ed Teacher, Chris Ulmer has proved the world. Every day for three years, he started his class with words of affirmation for each of his students.

In the first year, he created a theme for each day of the week like “Monday Funday” or “Toast Tuesday.” Until one day, something exceptional happened. Chris Ulmer’s students have started to feel happier and motivated. Hence, they gained confidence and self-worth. Words of compliments overflown in the class, impacting their behaviors that promote kindness.

Chris’s advocacy didn’t end in the four corners of his classroom. He started creating blogs and vlogs to tell different kinds of stories. He said, “I knew I had to do something. I called together the parents of my students and proposed the idea of starting a class blog that openly discussed each diagnosis with access to the children. I fully was aware that this was unheard of and could cause complications for my career. I did not care. These children deserve to be heard, loved, and appreciated. The world needs to understand that in many ways, the children have it right. We need to learn from them.”

You can access his incredible story here:

Amazing Special Education Teacher Starts Each Day with Compliments

As of this writing Chris’s facebook page, “Special Books by Special Kids,” has 2,538, 969, followings. Each post sends out information about different kinds of disabilities, and every interview is a story of inspiration, love, and perseverance.

We are not affiliated with any of the bloggers or organizations mentioned in this article. We want to share this story with you to send a dose of inspiration and a fraction of motivation. We want you to know that, just like Chris, you made the world a better place to live!