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What separates a good teacher from a great teacher?

Teachers can be one of the most influential people in our lives! In fact, when we hear the word teacher, there’s always a name that pops in our mind.  One great name that touched our lives and perhaps the inspiration and the reason for living our dreams today!

In our lifetime, we have met different kinds of teachers.  There are some that excite us, others that torment us, and definitely ones that inspire us. Sure thing, we have quite a number of teachers that we consider good and there are maybe even a few that we call a GREAT teacher.  So, what separates a good teacher from a great teacher?

We came across this inspiring story on Facebook about a Special Education Teacher, Helma, who carried Maggie, her student with cerebral palsy on a hiking trip.  It was so touching that the video garnered 16 million views on the third day it was posted.  What’s really amazing is that she never took any credit about the viral story, instead, she said, “She’s so capable.  That’s what I want to share about Maggie more than anything, and why I’m excited that this story is spreading.  Disabilities create barriers and challenges, but we can overcome them together.” You can find the rest of this moving story on the highlighted article below!

Special Education Teacher Carries Student On Hiking Trip

 As for the question what separates a good teacher from a great teacher? Please be the judge! We can only say so much about our teachers and that we are more than grateful and blessed for having be able to meet them! We are not affiliated with any organization nor people mentioned in this article, but we only want to spread good vibes. All hail to our special education department for touching our hearts!

Indeed, teachers are our heroes and always will be!