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Minimizing Challenging Behavior During Occupational Therapy Sessions


Minimizing Challenging BehaviorOccupational therapists have all the knowledge, the skills and proper education to run effective therapy sessions.  They have the heart of caring and empathetic therapists to support child development.  And they are armed with all great resources and excellent activity ideas to promote child participation to aide in the success of each session.  It may be safe to say that after the therapy the child developed a new skill necessary to his daily life.

What if reality doesn’t go as planned or how you expected it to be? The child doesn’t cooperate, both of you are having an “off-day, ” or you are having some difficulty bringing out the best in some children on your caseload.

Toolstogrowot has shared the following ideas to help you ponder and reassess how you plan, intervene, and modify your treatments for each child.

We may not be in any way affiliated to toolstogrowot but we thought that their insights and embedded excellent resources (some are free!) would help you as an occupational therapist brings out the best in every child during therapy sessions.


  • New Referral
  • Organize IEPs, IFSPs, 504s, and Student Information
  • Get to know your students with fun resources
  • Set Limits and Boundaries
  • Be Proactive, Not Reactive
  • Can You Live with Their Choice?
  • Transitions
  • Set The Stage
  • Do Not Crumble
  • Team Approach
  • Control Yourself
  • Be Patient
  • Do You Hear Me?
  • Be Quiet
  • Just Right Challenge
  • Meaningful Activities
  • Rewards
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